Darren Kendrick is a professional actor with credits including “Thor”, “World War Z”, “I Am Number Four”, and dozens of other A-list movie and television credits like “Criminal Minds” “Heroes”  and “All My Children”.  He has also appeared in commercials for world-class brands such as Porsche, Nikon (appearing alongside Ashton Kutcher) and the nation of Colombia.
 To put it simply, Darren loves being where the action is, and he loves leveraging his adventurous spirit into his work.  
One of his most memorable roles was  as the “Sentry Frost Giant” in the movie “Thor” directed by the great  Sir Kenneth Branagh.  Darren trained for two months prior to filming to be able to properly execute these high level and demanding stunts.  Darren played The Sentry Frost Giant, the guard to King Laufey.  He instigates the battle when he tells Thor to “Run Back Home Little Princess.”  He also tried to freeze Loki, only to realize that Loki is part Frost Giant as well.   He was pleased to be made into an action figure along side his other cast mates.
In addition to his mainstream industry performances, Darren has also appeared in a variety of independent films, including  “Disorder”, “Infliction”, “One Buck” and “A Mormon President”.  He played the lead role in “Without Mercy”, which won the Grand Jury Award for best picture at the New York Film Festival. He also played the lead role in “Disorder”, which was distributed by Universal Pictures and will be re-release in the fall of 2016 by Monarch Films.   It was also screened at Cannes Film Festival.

Darren was born in Cape Cod, but his journey towards an acting career began when his family moved to the small island of St. Simons, eight miles off the coast of Georgia.  After immersing himself in the local community theater, and with his passion officially ignited, Darren brought himself to Long Island University where he earned a B.F.A. in theater and film. He engrossed himself in his studies at LIU, excelling in dance, voice, and improv studies.
Upon graduating, he moved to NYC to continue perfecting his craft. While there he worked with a variety of theatre companies.  Darren eventually found himself modeling and traveling across Europe for a year, living in Paris, Athens, Madrid and Milan. He’s spent the past six years in L.A., living out his passion for the arts, and he is so grateful for the opportunities he has been able to pursue there, surrounded by others who share his passion for storytelling. No matter where Darren’s travels have taken him, every new place and experience has added a new layer of richness to his worldview, as well as his work.
When he’s not on set, Darren enjoys golf, tennis, and spending time with friends. He has been known to take occasional road trips across the U.S.